Light boxes and 3d illuminated signs of all kinds and dimensions

our satisfied clients to who we built light boxes and other advertisment material

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  • reklame za Šarfan

    Shop branding

    3 shops in Belgrade are branded with light boxes and advertising signs. On that signs are pictures of goods.

  • svetleća kutija sa neonkama

    illuminated sign

    Light box for furniture saloon.

Light Boxes

Illuminated signs manufacturing is the area for which we are specialized. Big advantage of illuminated signs and light boxes is great visibility in every weather conditon in relation to non-illuminated signs, especially in poorly lit streets and regional roads. Exclusive illuminated sings at the center of the city attract clients making your bussines much more visible than nearby competitors. At winter, advantage is even greater. Therefore, we suggets our light boxes and illuminated signs as the best investment in indoor and outdoor branding of retail locations and facilities.

LED light boxes are effective and very quickly became popular. Their advantage over traditional fluo illumination is grater visibility and small power consumption. LEDs can be programmed to turn on or off, to ''run'' around the edge of logo, letters or entire light box, they can change color... The dynamics introduced by the LEDs in this type of advertising is very visible and attractive compared to static light boxes and illuminated panels. LED lighting in modern 3d logo signs and letters is a must.

3d Illuminated sings are special and elegant way of indoor and outdoor advertising. They can be made of Lexan, plexiglass, stainless steel, wood, brass or as a combination of different materials. Best illuminated sing are made of segments – the name of the company is made from three-dimensional characters and company logo can stand for itself. 3D parts can be illuminated in many ways, but the most coomon way is version where front and sides of 3d letters and logos shine. Most used type of lighting in 3d illuminated sings are LED diodes. We can offer any shape od 3d signs, fast and affordable to your budget.

We can offer you wide range of light boxes. We have many kinds of eloxated aluminium profiles, different thickness and design. Your illuminated sign can be made in any dimension and shape. In light boxes and illuminated signs we are building in OSRAM components. Frontal panels can be made of plexiglas and lexan with an inscription made of the most quality ORACAL translucent vinyl with a five year warranty which with its transparency advertises your product at the best way. For the most choosy users, subconstruction is made of aluminium set and welding with “TIG” method, so illuminated sign has exceptional quality for external use (no corrosion), and easiness during assemblage and disassembling. Your logo and titles can be made of laser cutted different colours and thickness plexiglas, which gives to the advertising three-dimensional and richier look. At the end, our business will be safely assemblage and attaching of advertising at the electric network...

Wide format digital printing

Wide format digital printing

  • printing on PVC
  • banners
  • posters, vehicle branding...
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